Hospice and Palliative Care

Treating the Whole Person, Not Just the Illness

Services at Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
During the course of an illness, a resident may require special care and attention beyond our regular routines. For the unique needs of residents with life-limiting illnesses, we are proud to offer palliative and hospice services. In partnership with our on-site staff and your physician, hospice providers coordinate the care for residents with serious illness.

Life Transitions & Hospice Services at VNC
Each resident at Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has unique problems and concerns, and their medical care should be tailored to meet those needs. Hospice providers work with Valley staff to determine what kind of support is needed and adjust accordingly as situations change.

Residents who are early in their diagnosis may receive Life Transitions services:
• Visits from nurse practitioners for pain and symptom management, support from Life Transition staff for medical decision-making, assistance programs and more.
• Education from staff for each resident and family on what to expect and how to cope
• Help with advance care and associated planning forms, known as advance directives

Residents with more serious conditions may receive Hospice Services:
• Collaboration between VNC and local hospice providers to maximize the resident's level of care
• Visits from nurses for pain and symptom management
• Social work assistance with spiritual concerns (as requested)
• Trained volunteers who provide companionship and friendship
• Coordination of additional medical equipment and supplies as needed
• Nurse and social work consultation for out-of-town family members
• 24-hour on-call availability of a hospice nurse
• Grief counseling and support for the family during and after the resident's illness

The Palliative and Hospice Care Teams 
In addition to the daily care and companionship our staff provides, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, counselors, chaplains and volunteers visit regularly providing extra support to the family and Valley staff. The palliative and hospice care team helps people with serious illnesses navigate the maze of health care decisions, as well as assist with managing pain or symptoms. Hospice team members provide medical care, personal care, spiritual support, counseling and more. In the event of a resident's passing, bereavement support is provided to the family for a full 13 months.

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