Rehabilitation Unit

State-of-the-Art Skilled Rehabilitation unit

Our 40 bed state-of-the-art skilled rehabilitation unit is designed as a separate unit within the facility to meet the needs of the rehab patient while providing 24 hour nursing care. For the convenience of visitors, this unique part of Valley Nursing has its own entrance. Spacious private and semi-private rooms are available. All rooms are furnished with flat screen televisions with cable and telephone access available. Residents and families are encouraged to personalize the room with family pictures and reminders of home.

Residents are able to enjoy an active and stimulating environment. Our Life Enrichment Department provides a variety of recreational and leisure opportunities based on the individual’s abilities and interests. Social events, outings, religious services, and music programs are all part of our regularly scheduled activities.A board-certified music therapist offers individual and group sessions to promote socialization, reduce stress, and support physical and cognitive stimulation. A media room with drop down movie screen, a library, and recreation room with a mini-kitchen and Wii machine station are also accessible to residents. Our facility provides the opportunity to utilize computer technology with the availability of high speed internet connection. Residents are able to surf the internet or remain in contact with friends and family via e-mail.

Upon admission and at scheduled intervals, a comprehensive assessment is completed to evaluate each resident’s rehabilitation needs. Personal treatment plans are then created based on the resident’s goals, condition and functional ability. Our in-house Therapy Department consists of experienced physical, occupational, and speech professionals who are committed to reeducating the mind, body and spirit to restore function, strength, and mobility while maximizing independence. The unique partnership between physician, nursing, and therapy services creates an excellent and unsurpassable rehabilitation program.

Prior to discharge, members of our care team are available to explain progress, goals and expectations for the future. We offer a transitions program utilizing a “return to homelike setting” room to better prepare residents and their families for discharge. Under the supervision of a therapist, the resident practices independence through a variety of everyday tasks such as getting in and out of bed, preparing a meal, and maintaining a personal hygiene regiment. Home evaluations and recommendations are provided by the Therapy Department to help with preparation for the return home. Our in-house Therapy Department consists of experienced physical, occupational, and speech professionals who are committed to with any issues that may arise concerning transition home or with arrangements to another appropriate care setting.

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