Respiratory Therapy

49 Bed Subacute Ventilator Unit

At Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we have a free standing 49 bed post acute ventilator unit. Respiratory therapists are on the site 24/7. They are responsible for the daily care and management of all residents that require trach and ventilator care and management. Our respiratory therapists are all licensed by the NCRCB, have big compassionate hearts for their residents and aim to make them smile.  

Under the supervision and direction of pulmonologist Dr. Dew, our respiratory therapists may be able to successfully liberate a resident from chronic mechanical ventilation and facilitate discharging residents to their homes. Respiratory therapists participate in care plans for our residents. We work closely with our pulmonologist to inform him how our residents are doing with compliance or non compliance, if medications are working, if a resident needs a trach revision and recommend a ENT consult, changes in sputum, and saturations and de-saturations requiring changes in oxygen therapy. We also offer suggestions and recommendations on ways to improve the outcome for the residents. If weaning is not an option, our facility also provides optimum care for these residents. We realize most residents want to wean when they come to us, however if they are ill it simply is not possible at that time. Weaning requires lots of energy, strength, stamina and work. We encourage residents to get out of bed daily and start moving, which speeds the healing and recovery process.

Respiratory therapists perform arterial blood gases to determine oxygenation and ventilation and then interprets the data, makes recommendations and changes ventilator settings as necessary for the resident. Respiratory therapists also provide bronchodilator therapy, routine, specialty, customized or emergency trach changes, airway management, airway clearance, cough assist, trach care every shift, respiratory assessments every shift, and monitor constantly for changes occurring with a resident. In addition, these therapists educate residents, families and staff on disease processes, which help everyone involved understand what is happening medically. Respiratory therapists also transport arterial blood gases to the hospital lab and assist with transport of residents on ventilators attend appointments outside the facility.

We utilize Passy-Muir valves as tolerated for residents to communicate with staff, family, visitors, and other residents and to develop better swallowing ability. The Passy-Muir valve can also be used as a weaning device.


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