Social Department

Social Workers Assist Residents and Families

The Social Work Department is available for any family questions and assistance with any matters Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm. We are also available on the weekends if there are any issues that come up that need immediate attention.

Our social workers assist residents and families with any concerns, complaints, missing items, discharge planning, and reaching individual goals. We are also responsible for assisting families with Medicaid applications and making sure that the resident's needs are met.

The social workers do go over at admission the social history with the residents as well as make them aware of their resident rights. Resident Council is facilitated by the Social Department to ensure all residents feel that their personal voice is heard and that they are comfortable in their homelike setting.

Please feel free to contact the Social Department at any time with questions regarding admissions and our residents in general. Our social workers will make sure to follow up with any questions and work closely with other departments to ensure that our residents and their families are receiving the highest quality of care possible.


Meagan Lesley, CSW- Director of Social Services & Admissions

Kelly L. C. Burgess, SW- Social Worker for Vent unit and 300 Hall

Betsy Bennett, SW- Social Worker for Rehab unit, 100 Hall, and 200 Hall

(828) 632-8146

581 NC Hwy 16 South
Taylorsville, NC 28681