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Music to Address Needs of Individuals

Music therapy is a research and evidence-based healthcare profession in which board-certified Music Therapists use music interventions with a variety of populations to help achieve specific non-musical goals. Music therapy is used to address cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, communicative, and physical goals as well as to provide end of life care. Only credentialed Music Therapists who have completed an approved music therapy educational program, internship, and have passed the national board-certification exam administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists can provide music therapy services.

Individual Music Therapy

Individuals are referred to music therapy services by medical personnel, other staff, or family members. Once referred for individual music therapy, the Board-Certified Music Therapist will complete a music therapy assessment and if appropriate will design a music therapy treatment plan that will include non-musical goals and objectives. Progress notes and treatment plan revisions are updated in the medical records.

Music Therapy Groups

Music therapy groups may vary from month to month, but there are always several groups offered each week. Music therapy groups offered include:

The Tone Chime Choir

This groups meets weekly and is similar to handbells. This group plays the chordal accompaniment or melody of songs while singing the melody and performs for special events.

Ventilator Music Group

This group meets weekly and is designed to build community through music within our ventilator unit. Residents participate in a variety of music activities including song writing, music listening, and instrument playing.

Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn is a music education based group, as learning is a lifelong process. This group focuses on a specific composer or genre each week and residents engage in the session as a PowerPoint presentation is shown.

Move and Groove

Move and Groove is a group exercise with a therapeutic focus. Residents are invited to come move and exercise or just listen and enjoy the music in a social setting.

Sharpen Your Senses

Sharpen Your Senses is a small group that meets twice weekly, once for residents on the long-term care unit and once for residents on the rehab unit. This group has a different focus each week and engages residents in activities including singing, music listening, instrument improvisation, discussion, and other musical experiences.

Resident Choir

Resident choir practice happens weekly and offers residents opportunities to express themselves, make social connections, and reminisce. Choir practice also provides cognitive and spiritual support and prepares residents for performances during special events.

Click Here to Learn about the American Music Therapy Association

This website is the hub of information about music therapy, including Q & A, lists of schools, internships, therapist locations, and links to current research.

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