~Where Caring Is An Attitude Of The Heart~
Professional Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Service Taylorsville, NC

Wanda Mayberry

Wanda Mayberry has been a Certified Nursing Assistant at Valley Nursing Center for 32 years since July 1988. She is also a Med Aid and Wound Treatment assistant and performs each position with passion and best practices. Loyalty is one of her best attributes. Although facility ownership, management and technology have changed throughout the years, giving compassionate and loving care has remained steadfast. Her care of residents begins with her heart, because there is so much love to share in the manner you care for others. She believes in sharing her heart from the inside out. Her best advice to new employees is to leave personal problems at the door as you enter the facility. Be positive, not negative! Live each day knowing you did your best for each resident and work together. Teamwork is a key to success, we need each other!

Some adjectives the management team used to describe Wanda were loyal to residents and company, reliable, kind and loving to residents, fire in her heart, compassionate and caring to others, great sense of humor and straight forward. Some of the comments from the residents include “She works so hard for us”, “She is so patient” and “She takes such good care of me”. At the end of the day, she knows that this is the job for her. She does her best each day!

On her time off, you will find Wanda walking with family and friends for health and fellowship. She loves to dance and listening to music! She loves to travel and hopes to travel throughout the United States in her future! She loves to shop and may have a shoe fetish! She is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She is active in her church. One of her ministries is visiting and volunteering at an area rest home, where the residents’ needs are many and resources are few. As you would expect, she spreads her love and shares her God given talents. Kindness and compassion are her way of life both at work and home.

There are no retirement plans in the works because Wanda has a lot more to give. Our residents need her as much as she needs them! What a blessing for all of us!

Thank you, Wanda, for 32 years of outstanding service!